Private Journeys
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There are a variety of choices for your holiday accommodation! Luxury Hotels, City Hotels, Designers Hotels, Manor Houses, Apartment Hotels, Hostels, Guest Houses, Holiday Houses, Home Stay and much more....


Explore this beautiful green country, Latvia! 
Around half of its land is untouched forest. There are more than 12,000 rivers and over 2,200 lakes in this small, but cozy country. Historical medieval castles, fabulous manor houses, abandoned military buildings and wild animals are hidden in the country side all over Latvia. 

Restaurants, Spa,
Guide, Tickets

For your unique travel experience, we will assist to arrange Restaurants, Spa, Guide, Tickets for Opera, Ballet, Concerts and Workshops. We offer range of various workshops where you can try something Latvian with Latvian!


For more efficient and comfortable trip,
we can arrange a hired car with various ranges.
From Riga International Airport to a Hotel in Riga, or v.v.,
for more splendid sightseeing tours, for your business trips.

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