Custom made Voyage
Make your trip Unique, Fun and Lifetime experience!

For Short Stay Traveler

Make your short stay UNIQUE and FUN!

◇ Latvian Traditional Handcrafts Workshop
Knitting, Weaving, Basketry, Pottery, Jewelry design...(1 hour-)

◇ Latvian Cuisine
 (2 hours-, Cooking class + Lunch/Dinner)

◇ See around UNESCO World heritage with a local guide
 (1 hour-)

◇ Handmade Latvian souvenirs from natural ingredients
~Soap, Candles, Candle wax bars, Bath salts with local herbs~
 (1 hour-)

Day trip + 
 Latvian Sauna & Spa

◇ Indulge in seasonal beautiful scenery

◇ Meet Latvian cuisine

◇ Feel Latvian tradition in Sauna and Spa

Day trip + 
Handcrafts Workshop

Make your trip into a lifetime experience!

◇ Discover astonishing seasonal scenery

◇ Experience Latvian traditional culture 

Day trip + 
 1 night at Historical Manor

◇ Find breathtaking untouched nature

◇ Enjoy delightful cuisine

◇ Stay at a historical palace or manor house surrounded by greenery country side

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